Relaunch Instructions

If you would like to discuss any of the work required, or have any questions, please contact us: 01326 372 121 /


Safety Expectations

Please note the following safety expectations:

• Do not remove chocks or shores from yachts
• No sandblasting of boats without express permission
• Gas bottles must be removed from vessels left ashoreNo use of MYH ladders. All customers must supply their own ladders
• No chemical coating strippers to be used without prior knowledge of, and acceptance by, MYH
• Report any safety concerns to the MYH office

For further safety information and guidelines, please refer to our Regulations (available on the website and our Useful Info and Guidelines document, available from the office.

Disposal of hazardous materials

Please note that facilities are provided on site for the disposal of:

• Batteries: in the container provided (all types of battery)
• Waste oil and fuel: in the waste oil container provided

These items should NOT, under any circumstances, be disposed of anywhere else on site.