Boris Johnson’s Surprise Visit to Mylor Yacht Harbour

Boris Johnson’s surprise visit to Mylor Yacht Harbour at 8pm last night!


Art teacher Flynn Hunter, a longstanding friend of Mylor Yacht Harbour who was there, said:

“I turned up at the harbour and there were police everywhere both in uniform and undercover which I thought was odd and I made a joke that Boris must be around somewhere and then he turned up on a boat escorted by the harbour master and a few other boats. He walked up the pontoon said a few hellos, how are you and and that’s it really, got escorted by a crowd of police and drove away. “I know it’s crazy – He just rocked up in a boat, walked straight past me and strolled off with a few undercover policemen. They just appeared from nowhere!”


Boris Johnson visiting Mylor Yacht Harbour Cornwall 10.06.21 Boris Johnson visited Mylor Yacht Harbour on Thursday 10th June 2021 Boris Johnson in Mylor Yacht harbour Cornwall 10th June 2021

Photo credit to Flynn Hunter.