Fault Finding and Repair

Marine engineering has become increasingly sophisticated and technical as boat system technology has accelerated. It now requires an exceptional level of competence, continuously updated and backed by cutting-edge workshop diagnostics.

We stand on our professional reputation within the industry; we don’t like to brag, but we are regularly the first port of call for other boatyards and marine professionals seeking help and advice when they encounter faults they can’t find.

For the modern marine engineer, fault-finding and repair in particular are both challenging and complex – not just because boats are so complicated now, but because that ever more sophisticated technology is being applied in such a hostile environment. Each job is different and requires great flexibility. They have to be both methodical and imaginative; part detective, part surgeon.

Our Marine Team engineers are hand-picked and trained in-house to the highest standards on our own four year apprenticeship scheme. It involves a mix of part- time at the prestigious Falmouth Mine School, the rest of the time learning on the job.

Here, they are taught not just how to fix what’s gone wrong, but to work out why it has gone wrong and try to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Their nous is backed by the latest diagnostic computer equipment for our dealership brands, including Suzuki outboards and Vetus, Bukh, Perkins-Sabre, and Yanmar Commercial inboards.