Mylor Yacht Harbour Consulting on Marina Project

Mylor Yacht Harbour has begun widespread consultation into a project which could see more than £1 million invested in a small and sensitive extension to its existing marina.

Both a formal and informal consultation process is being held well in advance of MYH submitting a full planning application for a scheme which could provide berths for thirty extra boats – meeting customer demand whilst supporting the future sustainability of the harbour, the related services and the associated employment it provides.

The historic harbour, on the Carrick Roads near Falmouth, is a thriving marine centre with high demand for services – and Managing Director Neil Salter stresses that any expansion will retain all the factors which make it the Cornish jewel it is today – attracting sailors and other visitors from Cornwall and across the world.

“The extension we’re proposing is fairly modest,” he says,”and we anticipate that it would enhance the site whilst not changing the views, the ambience or making any significant demands on either the environment or the shore-side infrastructure. “We’ve been carefully considering what this project could look like for a long time and we’re keen to ensure that there are no adverse effects – especially to those who cherish this harbour as much as we do.”

Neil and his team have initially approached Truro and Penryn Harbour Authority, Cornwall Council, Natural England, the Environment Agency, the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Office and the Marine Management Organisation for advice and guidance on the process and to ensure that all environmental and other legislative requirements are met prior to submitting a formal planning application.

“At the same time, we have commenced a program of informal discussions with people who have an interest in Mylor Yacht Harbour,” says Neil,”this includes our customers, local fishermen, neighbours and the community to ensure that we do the right thing. We will also be applying to the MMO for the appropriate licensing before any planning submission and would like to get some good feedback before this takes place.”

Dr Charlotte Marshall of Natural England confirmed “We have had an initial meeting with Mylor Yacht Harbour and have provided advice on the draft proposals including potential impacts to designated sites.”   Anyone interested in discussing the draft proposals is welcome to contact Neil Salter, MD at Mylor Yacht Harbour: 01326 372121