New marina office for Mylor Yacht Harbour

The old Mylor Yacht Club and marina office building has been deteriorating for many years due to subsidence in the quay. During the last couple of years this has become more unstable and so after careful consideration the decision has been made for it to be demolished and a new marina office built in its place. The quay is listed and the removal of the old club will ensure its survival for many years to come.
A careful demolition will commence next week followed by a piling team to find solid ground to support the new office.
The new office itself will be much smaller than the existing building and will mimic the look of the new clubhouse. Much of the end of the quay will be an open area for viewing the marina and watching the world go by. For the winter we are setting up a temporary marina office in a hut on the quay; work should be completed in March 2014.

You will be able to watch the progression of the build as it happens via the webcams. We shall keep you updated with progress reports. Very exciting!


Old yacht Club