Isaac on board with Mylor Yacht Harbour

Its officially the start of the 2019 sailing season and what better way to kick it off than to introduce our new marina supervisor Isaac.

He’ll be a familiar ‘smiley’ face to a lot of our customer’s already having worked on the marina last season and as part of our engineering team during the winter.

Isaac is part of the Parker dynasty which has seen a number of his siblings work in and around Mylor Yacht Harbour over the years.

Likes: Anything to do with boats, watersports and food.

Why Mylor?
“I’d have to say that Mylor is probably one of the best places to work in Cornwall!
I grew up in Cornwall and spent most of my childhood in and around the marina. A few of my family members have also worked here so I feel I am carrying on the tradition.”

We’re so pleased to have Isaac now permanently on board with us!