Winners of official Yanmar Marine dealership status

Yanmar Leisure

One of the world’s most trusted names in marine diesel engines has appointed Mylor Yacht Harbour a certified UK dealer for their Yanmar Leisure division – acknowledging the Mylor Marine Team as a “go-to” for installation, servicing, warranties and sales for the many thousands of vessels containing their products.

Yanmar only grants official dealership status to organisations which can fulfil the high demands which have kept the manufacturer at the top of its game for more than a hundred years.

“Huge numbers of UK leisure craft have Yanmar engines and they are amongst the most reliable and long-lasting of any on the market,”

says Nathan Percival, engineering manager for the Mylor Marine Team.


Nathan Percival, Marine Team's Head of Engineering

Nathan Percival, Marine Team’s Head of Engineering

That’s why it’s so important for all our customers and visitors that we constantly invest in the skills not just to install new engines but to make sure existing ones remain in prime condition.”
“Yanmar necessarily makes exacting demands, which is why we are so pleased they have granted us official dealership status through their sole UK distributor EP Barrus – it’s a real point of pride for our team of expert engineers.”

While looking to appoint a new Yanmar dealer in the South West region Barrus had to consider the abilities of engineers, the quality of workshops and the facilities for customers.

“Yanmar is a front-runner within the marine industry in terms of quality and reliability and it’s never a foregone conclusion that we will accept any particular company to represent us,”

says Barrus’s Mike Williams.
“We already know Mylor well – we know their skill-sets and their quality of service and we knew they offered all the facilities required for such a dealership – which actually made the decision very simple.”

Mylor’s Marine Team engineers are now being specifically trained by Yanmar and equipped with the specialist tooling and diagnostic equipment to provide the core services under the Yanmar brand for servicing engines, warranty work and sales and installation of engines and parts.
To find out more contact Marine Team E:  or T: 01326 372 121