Winterising Tips (and Shrink-Wrapped Boats) at Mylor Yacht Harbour

Ever mindful that boats are designed for water and don’t improve for sitting on dry land Mylor Yacht Harbour’s Marine Team has come up with a Winterisation Hotlist, as well as an option to shrink-wrap even the largest vessels in their care to protect them from the elements.

As sailing yachts, speed boats, working craft and launches emerge on the Mylor hoists from a hard season’s activity on the Carrick Roads and beyond the Marine Team is seeing to every individual need, from basic advice over hard-standing in the valley, to intricate procedures ensuring vessels return to the sea resplendent next Spring.

One such is Mylor’s new “Boat Shrink Wrap” system which creates a perfectly fitted, ventilated boat coat for any size of vessel, protecting them from damage during winter storage or road transport and with options for extra venting and even zipped doors.

“It’s a brilliant system which we’ve been getting trained on ready for this winter’s lay-up,” says Marine Team Project Manager Henry Goldsmith. “It provides great protection against the harshest elements – which doesn’t flap about or chafe the boat.”

If shrink-wrapping sounds like a pampering step too far then the Marine Team has plenty of other wise Winterising advice to offer available HERE.

The checklist covers everything from making sure boat cradles and legs are in good condition to receive your vessel before it comes out of the water, to removing gas bottles and batteries, to keeping the pervasive Cornish damp at bay – as well as technical know-how on winterising engines. It is all advice and a service well appreciated by Mary Mitchell and her brother Dave Blatchford regarding their 27 foot Hunter, “Sans Souci”.

“The facilities at Mylor are excellent,” says Mary. “We wintered ashore last year in the valley which gave us ideal shelter from the wind. We’ll be bringing our boat back this winter. It’s a beautiful setting to work in and when we need a hand with mechanical or electrical work the service provided is friendly and very efficient.”

Henry Goldsmith comments, “You’d think that after an active sailing season your boat would relish some time off over the winter but in actual fact extended periods of inactivity can accelerate wear and tear which can contribute to potential breakdowns next season.

“In short, if your boat is not properly prepared for winter you could face a bigger bill at the start of next season when many boatyards are at their peak. At Mylor we aim to offer the best advice to all our boat-owners and where they wish it our Marine Team of experts is here to carry out any or all of the work on their behalf.”

For further advice or for a free quote, call the Marine Team on 01326 372 121 or contact