Getting your boat ready for winter

Winter Preparation

Be one of the first to be back on the water in spring by properly preparing your boat for winter.

You’d think that after an active sailing season your boat would relish some time off over winter. In actual fact, extended periods of inactivity can accelerate wear and tear which can contribute to potential breakdowns next season.

In short, if your boat is not properly prepared for winter you could face a bigger bill at the start of next season when many boatyards are at the peak. Enjoy your boat for longer and for less money.

Take Precautions to prevent issues

Even though Cornwall doesn’t suffer from the coldest winters or the heaviest snow fall, it is still wise to take precautions to prevent issues like the spread of rust and corrosion. Moisture can intrude and freeze, lubrication can congeal and neglect can take root over the long, cold months.

Our Marine Team can take care of your boat’s winterisation for you, and you can even hire dehumidifiers from us over the winter to help prevent against the famous Cornish damp.

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Keeping your boat safe and secure

We’ve got some great options for keeping your boat safe and accessible over the winter months.

Chose from storing your boat ashore in one of the largest facilities in the South West, or a berth in our unique horse-shoe shaped marina.

Both options will help to protect your boat from the conditions, while allowing you easy access to carry out essential winter preparation work.

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The Winter Check List

We’ve put together a comprehensive winter check list to help you better prepare for the winter season.

If you’re not keen on doing the work yourself, don’t worry, we’ll handle it for you. The check list covers a number of consideration to include:

1. While still in the water

2. After Haul Out

3. Routine checks

Download our Winter Lay-up Prep Checklist for complete peace of mind that you have everything covered.

Our Marine Team specialists are on hand to help with any aspect of your preparation for winter lay-up and shore storage. 

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