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GRP & Osmosis

It is one thing to make seaworthy repairs or alterations to GRP boats – it is quite another to accomplish the seamless ‘invisible mend’ achieved by our laminators.

As a result, we are a first port of call for high-quality insurance work involving collisions and damage through escapes from moorings, keel and rudder repairs following lost arguments with rocks and superstructure damage – both to laminates and gel coats.

Our GRP technicians are as adept at patching a punched hole as they are at polishing out scratches and colour matching; every job attracts the same attention to detail. Their skills include GRP repairs, gel-coat touch-ups, hull epoxy coating, full or preventative osmosis treatments using both air drying and Hotvac methods, topsides re-spraying and complete re-varnishing.

Cutting edge technologies for the best results

For osmosis we use the innovative HotVac system for the treatment of osmosis in GRP laminated hulls. The HotVac speeds up the drying process and has 10 times greater energy efficiency than alternative heat lamps.

It not only removes the water in the hull through its large pads placed on the hull, but also any organic compounds that can cause weakening, corrosion, delamination and blistering – reducing the likelihood of osmosis recurring and restoring structural strength.

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Specialists on hand

Once the hull is dry, our GRP specialists take over; repairing any affected areas before making good.

Our GRP specialists work hand-in-hand with our other marine services departments on all renovation and alteration projects, whether interior modifications or the installation of new equipment, as part of an integrated approach to boat repair.

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