New arrival to Mylor’s Showroom

Mylor Yacht Harbour is a recognised Fischer Panda Commercial installer. This week we welcome a new arrival to the showroom.

Fischer Panda Marine Generator PMS 4000Ss FC

The complete generator is mounted inside a super-silent capsule with an engine driven sea water cooling pump and fuel lift pump fitted to it. An oil drain connection hose is positioned external to the capsule and all service connections are on one end. This generator come equipped with 2-pole DC wiring as standard.

The 4000s FC has a built in heat exchanger for freshwater cooling of the engine and the alternator. Supplied with the generator would be connecting looms, full instruction manual and remote control panel giving on/off, start/stop, digital hour meter and all warning indications. The warning indications work on an emergency shutdown principal..

The set has a powerful 3.8kW/4.5kVA continuous output which is enough to power most normal AC requirements on board, the Panda 4000s FC is a very compact, exceptionally quiet German built generator system.

Download the Fischer Panda Specsheet 4000S

Fischer panda_logo__pwya p4000sfc_p1 (2)p4000sfc_p2 (2)   p4000sfc_p3 (2)