Boat Shrink Wrap


Shrink wrap your boat this winter for added protection from the elements and start next year’s sailing season with peace of mind.
Shrink wrapping your boat will also provide the following benefits: 

Winter Boat Storage

Boat storage options available at Mylor Yacht Harbour

We have winter boat storage packages available both ashore and in our marina


  • Keeps it clean and ready for next time you need it
  • Protects teak decks and gel coat
  • Provides access for maintenance
  • Ventilation to reduce mildew
  • Minimises depreciation
  • Saves you time, effort and money
  • Extra security
  • No more seagull droppings to contend with!

The method of shrink wrapping uses heavy duty white plastic film to cover a boat which is then heat shrunk using a hand held hot air gun to create a tight fitting and moulded covering that does not flap or chafe the boat.
Shrink wrap film is used to completely protect boats of all sizes from damage during winter storage or road transport.

Here at Mylor Yacht Harbour, we offer a bespoke service which looks at the individual needs of our customers. There are optional extras available to choose from such as additional vents and zipped doors. Prices start from £30 per metre and quotes issued on a case by case basis.

To find out more or to get a free quote talk to our Marine Team by calling 01326 372 121 or emailing